What do ya think?

I’m curious – what do ya think?  Will food bloggers and food blogging change how and what we eat?  I’ve just begun writing my food blog, but I have been reading different blogs for over a year now.  My daughter introduced me to Kath Eats Real Food and I was amazed that someone actually took pictures of everything they ate!  Then she would share other sites and I realized that there were lots of people doing this.  (Thanks to both of my daughter who help me keep up with things – they help me stay in tune with the changing world!)  So anyway, this was a whole new thing to me and I really enjoyed it.  The pictures were beautiful, I got lots of healthy eating tips, there were great food ideas and recipes, and lots of inspiration to eat healthy.  Most of the food bloggers are young and I am wondering if I am one of the oldest?  Possibly, but in the world of food blogs I guess age isn’t important.  I hope that my blog will fill a niche for women who are of a more “seasoned” age than others.  So I really am curious if this food blog craze will change the way we eat in America and around the world.  I’ve seen food blogs from all over the world.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think – I really am curious. 

I’ll have a post up tonight with my food pictures for the day so be sure to check back!

Breakfast was a yummy bowl of watermelon:


Lunch was a out with my teacher friends since I was at the Bd. of Ed.  at a training so I didn’t take pictures of my food in front of everybody yet.   So you’ll just have to imagine the No. 4 at El Centro.  It was good – rice, refried beans, and a chile relleno!  I confess I also had some chips and salsa.  OMG the salsa was delicious.

And then there was supper.  This was really good!  We had oven baked fish, brocolli, and sweet potato fries.  The fish was coated with a crushed cracker and spice crumb coating.  The fries were so good also!  I love meals like this


Be sure to leave me a comment – I’d really like some feedback on what you think food blogging might do to the future of eating.


5 responses to “What do ya think?

  1. I feel the food blog will change something. I’m not sure exactly if it will change what we eat or how we eat, but it will make us more aware of the nutritious food and ways to eat that are available.

  2. For me it has helped me realize what “normal eating” is. Dieting completely distorted my true hunger signals, so to see people modeling it, like Kath in particular, has been very helpful.

  3. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

    I agree with Emily. Seeing that so many other people are really eating nutritiously and not calling it a “diet,” that really opened my eyes to the fact that I’m not the only one who really has to pay attention to what goes into my mouth.

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I’m new too, but I think blogging helps me be honest with myself (and everyone else). It’s harder to justify a binge if you have to blog about it.

    Also, I’m a strong believer that age isn’t important anywhere, in the virtual world or real world! I’m in a Companions bible study group with 8 women who span from 26 (me) to 60 something, and yet we all mesh beautifully and are able to share so much!

    Okay, sorry long comment there…but thanks again for reading and I’m adding you to my subscriptions. Look forward to reading your updates! 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment – I appreciate your feedback! I agree – the blog helps keep me from eating some things I probably would have. It makes you really think about what I eat throughout the day because I know it will be posted.

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