A Blur!

Yesterday and today seem blurred together and I’ve got some pictures to show and stories to tell!  I’ll start with yesterday’s breakfast – Puffins and blueberries – what a combo! 


A few days ago Emily came up with a genuis idea.  Her BFF Erin was going to be in town for the 4th and my BFF Erin’s mom was off on the 3rd so Emily wanted to have a girl’s lunch date with them at our house and then go to the pool.  It was so much fun!  We hardly ever get together just us girls and talk and laugh.  The only one missing was Erin’s sister Jennifer – missed you Jen! I made the lunch – Healthified Chicken Pasta, Honey Chicken Salad, fruit salad, with veggies and crackers to dip in Sabra Hummus – yumlicious!


Dessert was blueberry cream pie icecream (lowfat and low sugar Publix brand) in cute little glasses with some of the cookies I made the other day.  I got involved in talking and didn’t get a picture.  The girls went to the pool and sunned and swam for awhile.  Barbara and I joined them later.   Supper was dining out on the way to Atlanta.  For the last 5 years we have had a tradition of spending the night in Atlanta because my girls both run the Peactree Road Race.  55,000 people run it every year and it is part of our family heritage beginning with my dad running it for the first time in 1980.  He ran it for twenty years before he had to quit because of a knee problem.  My sister Melissa and my daughter Emily both started running it around the same time.  This was Emily’s ninth consecutive run and Jennifer has run it three times.  So July 3rd’s dinner is carb up time.  We have done different menus for that – sometimes Italian, last year it was Mexican, and this year we went Chinese.  I shared some of Emily’s spicy garlic eggplant.  She asked to have tofu in it for some added protein.  It had just the right amount of spicyness and was cooked perfectly.  We of course got the brown rice to go with it.  The eggplant was so tender.  I also shared a little of Jennifer’s Beef Lo-mein.   The hot and sour soup at the Orient Garden is the best so that was my starter course!IMG_1535


You’ll have to see some sights I saw at the P’tree RRace – some are indescribable – you’ll have to see them to believe them and I have them ready to post.  Check back later tonight for the sights of the Peachtree.  We’re heading to a picnic with our BFF’s!


3 responses to “A Blur!

  1. OOps, you said June 3rd, but meant July 3rd… 😉

    Thank you so much for hosting our wonderful girl’s lunch yesterday! Everything was delicious and it was so much fun.

    And spending the night in Atlanta was a blast as it always is!!!!! Looking forward to next year already! 🙂

    Thanks Mom!

  2. You also left me out of the luncheon! I was there! I’m looking forward to your other pictures.

  3. The pictures are up. Sorry about not mentioning you were there but I said everyone was there except Jen W. That meant that you were there :). Love ya!!!!!!

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