Post Pardon

So yes, please pardon the fact that I haven’t posted anything since last Thursday.   I have been having technical difficulties getting my pictures to upload to my computer, plus I haven’t been home much.  Friday was the last day of the Music Camp I do at church.  Our culmination of the week is a musical put on for the parents Friday night.  It was a smashing success once again!  The kids were sooooo precious!  I love watching little ones sing – it’s just the cutest thing.   So Friday was busy.  I did get a picture of lunch – pizza – haven’t had that in the longest!  We always have a pizza lunch for all the Music Camp workers on Friday.


I made sure I dabbed off all the grease.  I am not a big fan of pizza but I guess since it’s probably been over a year since I’ve had any this was especially delicious.  I guess if I try for only once a year that won’t be too bad.

Saturday my daughter Jennifer ran a 5K in Jefferson that was a fund raiser for a children’s shelter in Winder.  We were up at 5:30 and arrived in Jefferson around 7:15.  She wanted to make sure we got there early and we did.  The race didn’t start until 8:00.  I ate a granola bar on the way and we stopped at McDonalds and ate a post race yogurt parfait. 

I dropped Jennifer off at home and then went to the Lawrenceville Farmer’s Market.  I got yellow squash, cucumbers, and kale.  I had never tried kale but have seen it on so many food blogs that I thought I’d try it – and I had the perfect recipe in mind for it!IMG_1350

After the Farmer’s market it was back home for lunch and then some pesto making.  I wanted to take some to my mom and I knew we could use for our meal.  So out to my deck I went to get the fresh basil I have growing there.

making pesto 014

 making pesto 042

And after adding EVOO, pine nuts, Italian parsley, garlic, and parmesan cheese I had this beautiful green basil pesto!

Next it was on the road to my parent’s house for an early Father’s Day celebration with my dad.  Here’s what we had for dinner and boy was it delish!


The pesto made a wonderful chicken, broccoli and pesto pasta.  We made a huge bowl of it so that there would be leftovers – and there actually were some!  I also cooked up some squash and had some leftover cooked carrots.   Such a good meal!!!


It was so good to see my dad for Father’s Day and I also got to visit with my sister who lives in California with my niece and nephew.  I don’t get to see them so it was good to spend most of the day swimming and visiting with them.  I also enjoyed swimming and visiting with you Mom – I wouldn’t leave you out!

By Sunday I had given up on ever getting my camera to upload to my computer so I was ready to give up blogging altogether.  We had a nice family Father’s Day with Emily, Andrew and Jennifer.   Emily asked for Kath’s version of eggplant parmesan.  It is so good and I’ve made it before, but I never added the kale.  This time I had it and I really liked it.


Monday was another fun day – I’ll post it in the morning since it’s really late right now.  Yay – I’m almost caught up and glad that my camera problem is (hopefully) worked out so I can get back to blogging all my meals.  I need to do this to stay on track!


2 responses to “Post Pardon

  1. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

    Very good pictures. I’m excited to see your pictures of yesterday, but so sad I can’t see mine 😦 Maybe it’ll turn up somewhere.

  2. Awesome pasta dish! And the eggplant parmesan also looks very good!

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