About Me

Less (Lynette Eats Sensible Stuff) – that is the theme for my life right now.  For the past (almost) two years I have been eating less and now since my husband was laid off in January I have been trying to spend less.  This is a story of my weight loss journey and trying to become “frugal”. 

Over the past two years I have had success with the eating part of less.  I made a BIG change from the way I had eaten for 50 years.  I knew that if I didn’t I wouldn’t have 50 more left.  So for nearly two years now I have really tried my best to live a healthy lifestyle by eating sensible stuff!  It has been a true journey of self enlightenment.  I can actually say now that I am happy with who I am and I think that has come about by being happy with what I eat.  Weird huh?  I told someone recently that I have decided that – “I am what I am.  I like myself the way I am.  I don’t really want to change very much about myself (of course there is always room for improvement).  

So here is my blog – a food blog but more – a life blog I guess.  If you like what you see come back and visit me, get to know me even better.  This is what it is – my life!


6 responses to “About Me

  1. Love the title of your blog! I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished. You are the best mother in the whole wide world!!!!

  2. Lynette~
    I was so happy to read on Emily’s blog that you have your own blog now too. You three are such an inspiration. Your food is gorgeous, and I’m just about to leave Grandma’s and come up there so ya’ll can cook for me. I want in on that yummy pesto!

  3. Your blog is great. It is good to find another woman “of a certain age” out here . My daughter and I have been following other blogs for a while and finally got down to each starting our own. (inititowin.blogspot.com and teachingmyselfthin.blogspot.com) I’ll be back to see how you are doing!

    • Thanks – I hope there is a niche for women “my age” out there in the food blog world! I am enjoying it!

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