I’ll be taking a week off from blogging, but before I go here’s the rest of my day.  You’ll have to check back a week from now to see if I’m N&I (new and improved).


You can see that the potato salad made another visit on my plate along with the faux fried squash, some cooked yellow squash, some sliced mom and dad’s garden tomatoes and some chicken casserole.  The chicken c’role is just plain ol’ comfort food.  It’s called poppyseed chicken and is an old old potluck recipe.  I modified using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and changed the cracker crust to using 1/2 stick of Smart Balance instead of a whole stick of butter.  So using chicken breast meat, greek yogurt, lowfat cream of chicken soup, and whole wheat crackers with Smart Balance and some poppyseed sprinkled on top it’s a whole lot healthier than the original!  Maybe still not the best – but hey – I’m a Southern girl, I gotta have a little comfort food every once in awhile!  What a nice day – got to spend it with both my girls and that’s the BEST!!!!!!  TTFN – see you in a week :)!


Today I felt like I should have a KISS breakfast  – you know, keep it simple sister, so I had just plain ol’ canteloupe and blueberries.  IMG_1524

Then Jenn and I walked 2 1/2 miles – I love doing that in the morning!  Homecookedem came over to visit today bearing gifts; some TJ’s AB!  Jenn and I hadn’t had TJ’s and it was SDG, just like we knew it would be.  We sampled the natural and the creamy sea salt.  I like the creamy sea salt the best but Jenn likes the natural. 

Lunch was another new foodie thing for me.  Em made me a crack wrap.  I see why they have that name :).  I will definitely be adding that to my food repertoire.  Crack wraps are creamy and filling and easy to make.  I’m glad I finally tried one – thanks Em!   We also had another new recipe I wanted to try out  Two – Potato Salad with Dill Dressing.  I loved this also.  I added some fruit to go along with it.



The star of the meal was definitely the crack wrap but the co-star was the potato salad.  Here’s the recipe – it is easy, delicious and nutritious!

1/2 cup plain fat-free yogurt, a tbsp. fat free mayo, 1 tsp. chopped fresh or 1/2 tsp. dried dill, 1 tsp. Dijon mustard, 1/4 tsp. salt,  mix this all up to put on the potato mixture.  You also need one large white potato and one large sweet potato cut and cubed.  Also, 1/3 cup chopped celery and 2 tbsp. of onion.  Mix it all together with the yogurt mixture and chill for at least 4 hours.  One serving had 170 calories, 0 fat and cholesterol, 230 sodium, 41 g carbs, and 4grams of fiber. 

After lunch we worked on starting Emily’s wedding album.  She wants to make a book with the pictures so were doing on online.  They are fun and turn out so nice.  Another great thing about them is that they are very resonably priced.  I did one of our Puerto Rico vacation last year that I just love!  Nice to look back on those memories.

Salmon Dave

Tonight’s dinner was so-so.  The salmon just wasn’t up to my salmon standards.  I think because it was frozen – not fresh.  Trying to save money I bought the frozen to try.  Won’t do that again!  We also had faux fried squash again which Dave my husband made.  (That’s the Dave part of my blog title and for all my young readers – Sam and Dave were singers.  They did the song “Soul Man” that was in Animal House.  I’m feeling the need to explain that because since I am much older than most of you young bloggers and my clever blog title may be going over your heads.  BTW – Animal House came out around 1977, probably none of you were even born then, but I was watching it in college.  To this day it’s one of my favorite.  But that was all back in the day – ha- ha.)  Anyway, my husband has the patience to fix the faux fried squash, you know – dipping, breading, etc. – I don’t – so I gave him that job while I made the rest of the dinner.  We had couscous, salad, garlic green beans, and cauliflower. I also made a little bit of mango-pineapple salsa for the salmon.  It helped the taste of the salmon a little, but not much.   The reason we had so many veggies is that I knew that if I didn’t cook them soon they go would go bad.  Nothing worse than bad veggies!

So here is my plate.



The salad adds a lot of color :).  And last but not least, I cut up a watermelon.


The missing piece was mine! 

Later this evening I started hearing the last of the blueberry cream pie ice cream calling my name from the freezer.  Here’s what became of it.


Publix brand lowfat, low sugar Blueberry Cream Pie ice cream with fresh blueberries, a little light Redi whip, and some crushed pecans.  A decadent finish to the day without a decadent amount of calories! SDG for sure :).


Rainy Day Tuesday

I don’t like rainy days in the summer, but I am glad for it today.  The plants needed some nourishment, so I’m glad for them.  But it is a day of my fast disappearing vacation that just seems to be a waste.  Oh I know there’s lots you can do on a rainy day – clean up, organize, read, etc., but sunny summer days are just the best.  I was up early (for summer) and had Puffins, 1/2 a banana, blueberries, and some strawberry yogurt on top for breakfast.  Those Puffins are so crunchy with just the right amount of sweetness!  I have become quite a fan of them and can’t wait to try the peanut butter ones! 


Next on the agenda was a two and a half mile walk with Jennifer.  Thanks Jenn for keeping me going!  I love walking in the morning – I just need to keep it up when school starts and get up early to do it – we’ll see.  Next on my TDL was a mani – and boy did I need one before vacation – those nails were looking bad.  Not now though thanks to Thresa – the best nail tech ever!  Next it was time for lunch which consisted of a nice big salad with yellow pepper, red pepper, mushrooms, cucumber, Vidalia onion, homegrown tomato, feta, and of course lettuce.  I always feel like I’m taking a vitamin when I eat this kind of a salad (which is pretty much daily).  I should call it a vegamin salad.  It has lycopene, antioxidants, fiber, and other healthy stuff and it is tasy and filling!  Today I topped it with some light Catalina to gie it a little  sweet taste.  I also had a black bean burger that I made from scratch and some black beans and rice from Uncle Ben.  It was filling, delicious and nutritious.

IMG_1609I think my plants were saying the same thing as the rain fell to nourish them. 


They’ve been getting tap water, but I’m sure as the rain fell on them today they said – ahhhhh, delicious and nutritious!  They hadn’t been rained on in a long time. so I’m happy for them even though for me it’s just a rainy summer day.

Monday, Monday

After the picnic marathon I had starting last Friday, I felt strongly that I needed to rein in my appetite!  I had fruit for breakfast.


After some cleaning and watering my plants outside I had a salad for lunch.  I put Farmer Boy Greek Dressing on which is simply the best Greek dressing you can find.  I know I talk about how good it is all the time, but really – you need to try it if you haven’t!


After a really uneventful Monday afternoon I figured it was time to eat supper.  We have so many leftovers that I just pulled some out for everyone to choose something.  I had leftover tilapia with some freshly sauteed squash, some black beans and rice, and another wonderful salad with fresh homegrown tomatoes. 



Ahhhhh, I can hear my body saying thank you for getting back on track with healthy eating.  YAY!

The 3 F’s of the Good Life – Fun, Food and Friends!

After the breakfast I had at the buffet on the 4th and all the food I ate, I just wasn’t even hungry for breakfast Sunday morning, so it was a cup of coffee and then on to church.  After church we went to Emily’s mother-in-laws house where we enjoyed a post – 4oJ picnic with their family and friends and celebrated June and July birthdays.  This is a sampling of what we ate – and once again – potluck picnic food is the best!



Juicy Grilled Chicken

Juicy Grilled Chicken

There was lots of other fun picnic food too – oh so many choices.  The desserts were fantastic as well.  There was a frozen berry pie and a birthday cake.  
How Pretty (and good)!
How Pretty (and good)!
After we left Nancy’s we went back home to get our food ready for picnic No. 2.  This was actually a group of people that we have been part of for about 20 years and meets at someone’s house the first Sunday evening of each month.  We have such a good time together and of course it’s gotten to be an extremely tight knit group of friends over the years.  We’ve been through LOTS together!
How 'bout them ribs!

How 'bout them ribs!

And chicken!

And chicken!

And desserts - oh my!

And desserts - oh my!

I tried to stick to mostly healthy options and just tastes of the decadent. Today it’s been back to healthy eating as you’ll see in my later posts.  The Food Frenzy has ended thankfully – even though I enjoyed all of the 3 F’s of the good life, but time to go back to my healthy lifestyle food now :). 

Food Fest

Yeah, this weekend was pretty much a food fest.  It’s a good thing there is only one 4oJ!  Since 4oJ was on Saturday this year it sort of carried over into the 5th, making even more food events possible.  So here is a quick recap of the 4th and 5th.  Jennifer did a great post on our 4th at the Peachtree Road Race – check it out here.  I do want to post a few pictures that she had up. 

This was the view of Atlanta the night before the race from our window:

july 03 021

PRR 004

And what a beautiful sunset!

And here’s a view of the beginning of the race.

PRR 036

Emily and her friend Erin post race:

PRR 031

Jennifer post race:

PRR 033

We went back to hotel and had a wonderful breakfast buffet.


The buffet was such an assortment of foods and also a chef was there making omelettes, so I put a little of everything on my plate.  Of course, this makes this post look like a “hog blog” instead of a food blog.  Since this is only a once a year thing I think it’s okay.  I had walked a lot getting to and back from the 6 mile spot where I cheered my girls on.  So I figured I could splurge on breakfast.  

Here’s a picture of my girls after breakfast, freshly showered about to leave the hotel and head back home for some R&R until our picnic with friends at 5:00.

  PRR 045

Our after race picnic with friends was such a nice ending to 4oJ festivities, complete with setting off lots of beautiful fireworks together.  These pictures are of some of the items to choose from – gotta love that picnic food!




And a delicious berry cobbler.


Two more picnics on the 5th – one at 1:00 and one at 6:00 – we can do it!