I’ll be taking a week off from blogging, but before I go here’s the rest of my day.  You’ll have to check back a week from now to see if I’m N&I (new and improved).


You can see that the potato salad made another visit on my plate along with the faux fried squash, some cooked yellow squash, some sliced mom and dad’s garden tomatoes and some chicken casserole.  The chicken c’role is just plain ol’ comfort food.  It’s called poppyseed chicken and is an old old potluck recipe.  I modified using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and changed the cracker crust to using 1/2 stick of Smart Balance instead of a whole stick of butter.  So using chicken breast meat, greek yogurt, lowfat cream of chicken soup, and whole wheat crackers with Smart Balance and some poppyseed sprinkled on top it’s a whole lot healthier than the original!  Maybe still not the best – but hey – I’m a Southern girl, I gotta have a little comfort food every once in awhile!  What a nice day – got to spend it with both my girls and that’s the BEST!!!!!!  TTFN – see you in a week :)!


4 responses to “TTFN

  1. Had a great time with you today!! That chicken casserole looks so, so, so yummy!! If I’d known you were makin’ that, I’d have stuck around longer!! 😉

    Have a great trip!! I’ll text ya! 🙂

    • The chicken c’role was delish. You should have stayed! Thanks for coming over – I enjoyed your visit soooo much!

  2. enjoy your trip and blogging break :)!!

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