Salmon Dave

Tonight’s dinner was so-so.  The salmon just wasn’t up to my salmon standards.  I think because it was frozen – not fresh.  Trying to save money I bought the frozen to try.  Won’t do that again!  We also had faux fried squash again which Dave my husband made.  (That’s the Dave part of my blog title and for all my young readers – Sam and Dave were singers.  They did the song “Soul Man” that was in Animal House.  I’m feeling the need to explain that because since I am much older than most of you young bloggers and my clever blog title may be going over your heads.  BTW – Animal House came out around 1977, probably none of you were even born then, but I was watching it in college.  To this day it’s one of my favorite.  But that was all back in the day – ha- ha.)  Anyway, my husband has the patience to fix the faux fried squash, you know – dipping, breading, etc. – I don’t – so I gave him that job while I made the rest of the dinner.  We had couscous, salad, garlic green beans, and cauliflower. I also made a little bit of mango-pineapple salsa for the salmon.  It helped the taste of the salmon a little, but not much.   The reason we had so many veggies is that I knew that if I didn’t cook them soon they go would go bad.  Nothing worse than bad veggies!

So here is my plate.



The salad adds a lot of color :).  And last but not least, I cut up a watermelon.


The missing piece was mine! 

Later this evening I started hearing the last of the blueberry cream pie ice cream calling my name from the freezer.  Here’s what became of it.


Publix brand lowfat, low sugar Blueberry Cream Pie ice cream with fresh blueberries, a little light Redi whip, and some crushed pecans.  A decadent finish to the day without a decadent amount of calories! SDG for sure :).



5 responses to “Salmon Dave

  1. salmon dave… very clever :)!

    sorry the fish wasn’t up to par .. but the other fixins sound and look awesome!!! I would love some of dave’s faux fried squash – m’mmm!

  2. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

    At least your piece of salmon didn’t have bones haha!

  3. I heard that wild is better than farm raised salmon. There seem to be some sketchy things they feed the farm ones.

    Love the comic btw! 😉

  4. Too bad the salmon was sub par. Boo. The dinner plate looks slammin tho!

    I was *almost* born in 1977. I’m a 1979 babe. But I totally dig Animal House and that’s supa cool your Hubz did that song!

    • Yea – you’re right the rest was great – just the salmon wasn’t slammin – oh well, live and learn!

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