Cooking Light Cookies

This month’s Cooking Light magazine had this SDG (so darn good – if you didn’t read my earlier post today) recipe in it for Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies.  It’s easy and not too bad with the calories so I thought I’d give it a try.  The cookies are moist and tasty with just the right of banana and chocolate flavor.  I added some raisins to the mix too.  What a treat!  Here’s a picture of them.IMG_1532

The reason I said I had a surprise in my earlier post was because this probably was a surprise to my kids.  I NEVER baked when they were growing up and never made cookies.  The closest we ever came to having homemade cookies were the ones you break apart and bake.  So I even surprised myself that I can make cookies!  And they really are good and no artificial stuff – all natural ingredients and still low fat and calories – Yay!

Since we had a big lunch and I went to Open Mike Night (it’s always fun to see new talent come along) I had a snackie supper – you know – one that’s just kind of this and that of snack type food which I just call a snackie supper. 


Some pretzels, wheat thins, sunchips, Sabra hummus (the best!), and some yogurt french onion dip from Kroger.  I also had some of the faux fried squash from lunch that I heated up.


After supper I went back to the pool and did some water aerobics. Such a SDG day!


6 responses to “Cooking Light Cookies

  1. Those cookies were really yummy. Oops, I mean SDG!

    Isn’t is Open Mic Night? Or did you cut some poor guy named Mike open?

  2. no way those cookies are healthy — they look so decadent!! wow.. hope you enjoyed them 🙂 I love cooking light magazine, they have the best recipes!

    Enjoy your day!

  3. Jennifer shared some of those cookies with me yesterday when we went to the movies. They were so, so, soooo good! You know how picky I am and seriously, I loved them. If she hadn’t told me that they were healthy, I would never have guessed! You should definitely bake more often.

  4. Those cookies look really good! I would love the recipe if you have time to post it or email it –

  5. Those cookies were seriously good! ummm, between yesterday and today, not even sure how many I had. Keep on bakin’ mom!

  6. Those cookies are definitely a redo!

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