You Can Run Like That?

Here’s some pics from the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta on the 4th.  55,ooo people ran – SOME were sane – some…



Notice the guy in the background who finished the race and is about to chug a pitcher of beer!  Here he is (below)  as this guy ran by – a toast to all!



 Yes – people showed their patriotism!



He was RUNNING - 6.2 miles carrying his son - what a guy!

He was RUNNING - 6.2 miles carrying his son - what a guy!

What a blast!  Food pictures from the 4th and 5th will be up later tonight or tomorrow.  3 picnics in 2 days so lots to show and tell about!  Check back :).


A Blur!

Yesterday and today seem blurred together and I’ve got some pictures to show and stories to tell!  I’ll start with yesterday’s breakfast – Puffins and blueberries – what a combo! 


A few days ago Emily came up with a genuis idea.  Her BFF Erin was going to be in town for the 4th and my BFF Erin’s mom was off on the 3rd so Emily wanted to have a girl’s lunch date with them at our house and then go to the pool.  It was so much fun!  We hardly ever get together just us girls and talk and laugh.  The only one missing was Erin’s sister Jennifer – missed you Jen! I made the lunch – Healthified Chicken Pasta, Honey Chicken Salad, fruit salad, with veggies and crackers to dip in Sabra Hummus – yumlicious!


Dessert was blueberry cream pie icecream (lowfat and low sugar Publix brand) in cute little glasses with some of the cookies I made the other day.  I got involved in talking and didn’t get a picture.  The girls went to the pool and sunned and swam for awhile.  Barbara and I joined them later.   Supper was dining out on the way to Atlanta.  For the last 5 years we have had a tradition of spending the night in Atlanta because my girls both run the Peactree Road Race.  55,000 people run it every year and it is part of our family heritage beginning with my dad running it for the first time in 1980.  He ran it for twenty years before he had to quit because of a knee problem.  My sister Melissa and my daughter Emily both started running it around the same time.  This was Emily’s ninth consecutive run and Jennifer has run it three times.  So July 3rd’s dinner is carb up time.  We have done different menus for that – sometimes Italian, last year it was Mexican, and this year we went Chinese.  I shared some of Emily’s spicy garlic eggplant.  She asked to have tofu in it for some added protein.  It had just the right amount of spicyness and was cooked perfectly.  We of course got the brown rice to go with it.  The eggplant was so tender.  I also shared a little of Jennifer’s Beef Lo-mein.   The hot and sour soup at the Orient Garden is the best so that was my starter course!IMG_1535


You’ll have to see some sights I saw at the P’tree RRace – some are indescribable – you’ll have to see them to believe them and I have them ready to post.  Check back later tonight for the sights of the Peachtree.  We’re heading to a picnic with our BFF’s!

Cooking Light Cookies

This month’s Cooking Light magazine had this SDG (so darn good – if you didn’t read my earlier post today) recipe in it for Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies.  It’s easy and not too bad with the calories so I thought I’d give it a try.  The cookies are moist and tasty with just the right of banana and chocolate flavor.  I added some raisins to the mix too.  What a treat!  Here’s a picture of them.IMG_1532

The reason I said I had a surprise in my earlier post was because this probably was a surprise to my kids.  I NEVER baked when they were growing up and never made cookies.  The closest we ever came to having homemade cookies were the ones you break apart and bake.  So I even surprised myself that I can make cookies!  And they really are good and no artificial stuff – all natural ingredients and still low fat and calories – Yay!

Since we had a big lunch and I went to Open Mike Night (it’s always fun to see new talent come along) I had a snackie supper – you know – one that’s just kind of this and that of snack type food which I just call a snackie supper. 


Some pretzels, wheat thins, sunchips, Sabra hummus (the best!), and some yogurt french onion dip from Kroger.  I also had some of the faux fried squash from lunch that I heated up.


After supper I went back to the pool and did some water aerobics. Such a SDG day!

Rescue Chip

According to what I’ve been told a rescue chip is the chip you use to fish the bits of the first one that broke apart in the dip.  As in, “My tortilla chip busted when I tried to load it with extra salsa so I gotta get a rescue chip to recover the pieces.”  Well I’m such a nerd that I just thought that was a totally interesting food trivia so I thought I’d pass it along.  Now on to b’fast –

It was sort of the same as yesterday, just formatted differently, but it did have an addition – I put Puffin cereal on the bottom, then added some blueberry Chobani.  On top of that went some blueberries, kiwis on the side, some homemade granola with a cherry on the top.  My friend Kelley said I used yummy too much to describe food so I’m making up my own term of goodness – SDG – SO DARN GOOD.  Some may want to take it to the extreme of So D*&$ Good – either way that’s what I’ll use from now on.  I’ll even have to make my own food blogging dictionary I suppose.  I’ll add others along the way but for now breakfast was SDG all the way.  After doing a two mile walk, I met Kelley and her two cutie boys at the pool.  Jennifer came along and we found that – once again –  we were the only ones there.  What an opportunity to do some water laps!  I think the boys thought we were crazy!  Now on to lunch which was more SDG food.

A SDG veggie salad!

A SDG veggie salad!


Faux fried zucchini, leftover eggplant parm, last piece of zucchini bread and some hummus

Faux fried zucchini, leftover eggplant parm, last piece of zucchini bread and some hummus

Such a variety of ways to cook squash with a little hummus to use as a dip for the faux fried zucchini.  This lunch had me at zucchini – I love it just about anyway.  In a bit I’m out the door to Open Mike Night.  Wonder if I’ll find any new Lawrenceville talent out there?  Then back home to show you a surprise I made late last night…supper will be a light and late meal after OMN so -back later.

Yogurt Bliss

What a way to start my day!

The ingredients (with my anniversary flowers).

The ingredients (with my anniversary flowers).

Here’s how it came together.






It was amazingly filling and kept me full through the late afternoon.  I had to attend a staff meeting at the church where I work and appetizers were brought in.  Still not taking many pictures in public, so don’t have pictures of what I ate there, but it was a few chips and salsa, and a section of a quesidilla. 

When I got home David and Jennifer had the fixings for fish tacos ready for me.  What a treat to have supper waiting – thanks!  The tilapia was perfectly seasoned and David made a black bean mixture that is pureed and then heated up with some sauteed garlic, onion, and jalepeno pepper.  I will be making some black bean burgers with the leftovers tomorrow.  I used 1/2 of a lavash that I blogged about yesterday.  I added some Oikos plain yogurt, some cheese, a little Holy Guacamole, and some rice tortilla chips on the side.  It was just perfect – I loved it.



On yesterday’s post I put pictures of my two kitties Maisy and Prissy.  Well here’s the third and final kitty we have.  He was wanting his picture taken this morning – I think he got jealous of the attention the others were getting.  Here he is posing on the deck railing this morning while I ate breakfast.


Yeah – he’s not as cute as the others, but he is sweet.  All my kitties are “rescue kitties” and I joke about being one cat shy of being a “crazy cat lady” and ending up on the news LOL!  Here’s one more of him watching over the backyard.IMG_1493

So now I’m off to do a three mile walk with Jennifer.  I’m sure that doesn’t sound like much to you, but for me who could barely walk three feet two years ago without getting out of breath it’s a pretty big accomplishment.  I have to celebrate those and keep on going!

Twofer Tuesday

There used to be a radio station in Atlanta that did Twofer Tuesday.  It played two  songs by the same artist back to back on Tuesday.  Well – this wasn’t the same thing twice in one day, but it was sort of a repeat from last night’s supper.  I needed to cook up the chicken that was thawed out that wouldn’t fit in the pan last night.  I dug through leftovers and found some couscous, squash, and cabbage to go along with it.  The star of the meal was the beautiful salad that contained the first ripe tomato from my parent’s garden.  Thanks mom and dad!


I’ve posted lots of Miss Prissy pictures but not any of my Maisy kitty.  She just isn’t in to posing like Prissy.  I did get some of her on the deck this morning.  Here’s Maisy.


You can tell she’s not happy that I took her picture.  In fact she looks pretty disgusted about it.  Here’s one of both of them together with Maisy once again looking disgusted about the fact that Prissy wants to be friendly. 


Lovin’ the Lavash!


And look at the stats!


If you can’t tell from the picture – they are huge!  Not wrapped up they don’t fit on a plate.  So a serving is 1/2 and that’s 50 calories, but I made it into a pizza and used the whole thing.  100 calories for the crust.  Add some veggies and you’re good to go.  I wanted extra protein so I added a leftover chicken breast that I cooked for lunch yesterday.  This thing was beyond good!IMG_1478


I put some yellow squash, red peppers, fresh homegrown tomato, and fresh homegrown basil along with a cheese mixture of mozzerella, parmesan, and feta.  This will be a repeat meal I’m sure!  I added a fruit salad of canteloupe and blueberries for a sweet side.

Before lunch I went to the pool and found this:

The pool was empty!

The pool was empty!

I did 30 minutes of some water aerobics in peace and quiet – how nice!


The crepe myrtles are just beginning to bloom.

Here’s another Prissy picture I took this morning on the deck. 


Tonight is another mystery meal.  It’s even a mystery to me.  I’ll show you later once I decide what it will be.