Rescue Chip

According to what I’ve been told a rescue chip is the chip you use to fish the bits of the first one that broke apart in the dip.  As in, “My tortilla chip busted when I tried to load it with extra salsa so I gotta get a rescue chip to recover the pieces.”  Well I’m such a nerd that I just thought that was a totally interesting food trivia so I thought I’d pass it along.  Now on to b’fast –

It was sort of the same as yesterday, just formatted differently, but it did have an addition – I put Puffin cereal on the bottom, then added some blueberry Chobani.  On top of that went some blueberries, kiwis on the side, some homemade granola with a cherry on the top.  My friend Kelley said I used yummy too much to describe food so I’m making up my own term of goodness – SDG – SO DARN GOOD.  Some may want to take it to the extreme of So D*&$ Good – either way that’s what I’ll use from now on.  I’ll even have to make my own food blogging dictionary I suppose.  I’ll add others along the way but for now breakfast was SDG all the way.  After doing a two mile walk, I met Kelley and her two cutie boys at the pool.  Jennifer came along and we found that – once again –  we were the only ones there.  What an opportunity to do some water laps!  I think the boys thought we were crazy!  Now on to lunch which was more SDG food.

A SDG veggie salad!

A SDG veggie salad!


Faux fried zucchini, leftover eggplant parm, last piece of zucchini bread and some hummus

Faux fried zucchini, leftover eggplant parm, last piece of zucchini bread and some hummus

Such a variety of ways to cook squash with a little hummus to use as a dip for the faux fried zucchini.  This lunch had me at zucchini – I love it just about anyway.  In a bit I’m out the door to Open Mike Night.  Wonder if I’ll find any new Lawrenceville talent out there?  Then back home to show you a surprise I made late last night…supper will be a light and late meal after OMN so -back later.


8 responses to “Rescue Chip

  1. I’m so using the rescue chip term next time we eat a mexican restaurant. Andrew will be soooo impressed. Haha! 😉 Your zucchini looks great! What did you coat it with? Bread crumbs?

  2. Your breakfast looks delish!

    I agree, I also use yummy too much– SDG is very cute!

  3. That update was SDG.

  4. I’ll have to come up with some new terms.

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