Twofer Tuesday

There used to be a radio station in Atlanta that did Twofer Tuesday.  It played two  songs by the same artist back to back on Tuesday.  Well – this wasn’t the same thing twice in one day, but it was sort of a repeat from last night’s supper.  I needed to cook up the chicken that was thawed out that wouldn’t fit in the pan last night.  I dug through leftovers and found some couscous, squash, and cabbage to go along with it.  The star of the meal was the beautiful salad that contained the first ripe tomato from my parent’s garden.  Thanks mom and dad!


I’ve posted lots of Miss Prissy pictures but not any of my Maisy kitty.  She just isn’t in to posing like Prissy.  I did get some of her on the deck this morning.  Here’s Maisy.


You can tell she’s not happy that I took her picture.  In fact she looks pretty disgusted about it.  Here’s one of both of them together with Maisy once again looking disgusted about the fact that Prissy wants to be friendly. 



8 responses to “Twofer Tuesday

  1. Awwwwwwww, I love that Maisy girrrrrrrl!! She is so stinkin’ adorable despite the disgusted look on her face.

  2. Maisy really is not a very friendly kitty. She’s just jealous Prissy is so cute.

  3. Your tomatoes are making my mouth water!!

  4. Aw, hi kitty! Fresh tomatoes from the garden. The BEST!

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