Lovin’ the Lavash!


And look at the stats!


If you can’t tell from the picture – they are huge!  Not wrapped up they don’t fit on a plate.  So a serving is 1/2 and that’s 50 calories, but I made it into a pizza and used the whole thing.  100 calories for the crust.  Add some veggies and you’re good to go.  I wanted extra protein so I added a leftover chicken breast that I cooked for lunch yesterday.  This thing was beyond good!IMG_1478


I put some yellow squash, red peppers, fresh homegrown tomato, and fresh homegrown basil along with a cheese mixture of mozzerella, parmesan, and feta.  This will be a repeat meal I’m sure!  I added a fruit salad of canteloupe and blueberries for a sweet side.

Before lunch I went to the pool and found this:

The pool was empty!

The pool was empty!

I did 30 minutes of some water aerobics in peace and quiet – how nice!


The crepe myrtles are just beginning to bloom.

Here’s another Prissy picture I took this morning on the deck. 


Tonight is another mystery meal.  It’s even a mystery to me.  I’ll show you later once I decide what it will be.


11 responses to “Lovin’ the Lavash!

  1. I used to get the Joseph’s low carb/flax pitas from Super Wal-Mart. Since I no longer shop at wal-mart, I haven’t been getting them. Where did you find the lavash bread? I remember I loved the taste and texture. Looks like a homecookedem approved lunch!! 🙂

  2. I’m loving the stats on that lavash, too! I’m going to have to see if I can find some in NC.

    • When my husband brought them home from the store I couldn’t believe they were only 100 calories for the whole thing! I hope you can find them also.

  3. i love the josephs products! I’ve never seen the lavash wraps but the pitas are amazing!

  4. I have to find some of that lavash bread. That dish looks fabulous!!

  5. Your pizza looks a little healthier than mine 😉

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