Happy Anniversary and Birthday!

Twenty nine years ago today David and I were married.  I always like to do things differently from others so I opted for an outdoor wedding.  I know that seems so ordinary today, but 29 years ago not many people were having outdoor weddings, at least I had never been to one.  So in Georgia in June it is hot and thunderstorms pop up quite frequently in the afternoon.  Being young though, you just think everything will go perfectly and you don’t worry about things like that.  Well, we pulled it off – no rain, but we sweltered in 90 degree plus weather.  (I had a formal gown and the guys were in tuxes too!)  But everyone was good natured about it and didn’t complain and it was a beautiful ceremony!  Three years later to the day, a baby who was supposed to be born two weeks prior to our anniversary was born.  I always tell Em that she was the best anniversary present I ever got – and of course she is!!!!!!  Happy birthday Emily 🙂

girls night 009

Since I’m the Director of Music at our church, that’s where my day started.  Since I was too lazy to get up and get breakfast before leaving I thought I would  have to do without, but when I got there I saw that someone had made a platter of blueberry muffins to share, so I had one with a nice hot cup of coffee.  The muffins were so good, moist and light, and of course had one of my favorite fruits in them – blueberries!



We rarely go out to eat since it is cheaper and healthier to eat at home, but today we had an anniversary meal out!   A trip to Frontera with a buy one get one free coupon was in order – we really went all out – only the best for us!  Come on, you get a flag stuck in your food when they bring it – how much better can it get???  Here is the dreaded deadly chip basket.  They were good, the salsa was better, and I ate too many!

IMG_1419 And this was my meal – oh how I love refried beans and Mexican Rice!  The enchilada wasn’t bad either.  There’s the flag!IMG_1420


 The afternoon was an exciting adventure of clipping coupons and looking at sale ads from the Sunday paper.  I have become a bargain shopper lately and Publix has a penny item every Sunday, so I went and picked up some of this and that from Publix along with a penny gallon of apple juice.  I get it every week and if I can’t use it I put it in the food pantry at church.  That’s where this will probably go since none of us will drink apple juice. 

I was so full from our big lunch, but did eventually get hungry again of course, as always!  So I made a turkey sandwich and had some watermelon.


Tonight around 9:00 Jennifer and I went up to the pool and did some water aerobics.  The water felt great and we were the only ones there – yay!  So I actually got some exercise in today.  I’ve got to do that everyday!!!!!

 It was a low-key anniversary which was just fine with me.  We have had some where we went all out.  Our tenth we took a cruise.  Our 22 we were in Italy floating down a canal in Venice, and our 25th we went with friends to Hawaii.  This was just a good one for our situation now and the economy (as they say).  I enjoyed knowing that my daughter had a wonderful birthday celebration (you can read about it here) and I had Jennifer home with me for the summer and was able to spend the day with her (you can read about her day here).  I have 2 great girls and a wonderful husband who still loves me!  I am blessed and happy!!!!!!


7 responses to “Happy Anniversary and Birthday!

  1. Oh my goodness, I feel so awful! As I went about my day today, I’ve been reminding myself to “wish Jennifer’s mom a happy anniversary and wish Emily a happy birthday.” Well what do you know, I forgot to wish you a happy anniversary, and now it is officially the 29th. This is late, but please do know that I mean it just as much: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!
    I think it’s just the sweetest thing that Emily was born on your anniversary. I’m glad that you enjoyed your day!

    • Thank you Morgan – we appreciate it! We had such a good time with you and your Mom last week – tell her thanks again for me!

  2. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

    I’m glad you had a nice day. You’ll be able to do more celebrating when you’re in NY soon.

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

    Those refried beans and mexican rice look delicious!! It’s like they’re the main dish and the enchilada is just the side. 😉

    Glad you had a nice anniversary!! LOVE YOU!

  4. Glad you had a nice birthday – love you back!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary! While we have had a couple of lavish anniversaries we have probably spent more of the 36 anniversaries we have had this way! Wishing you many more to come…

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