Summer Saturday

Today was such a typical all American day.  It started with a celebration of life for a lady I knew at church, Pat Rydell.  Her memorial service was this morning at 10:00.  She lived her life exactly the way she wanted, she was never married, and was a no-nonsense New Yorker, so it truly was a celebration  – Pat wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  Of course, down South whenever there is a funeral there is always food.  There was a reception after her service and that is what I had for my “breakfast.”


I tried to stick mostly with fruit, but you can see that a piece of raisin bread and a ginger snap found their way onto my plate as well.

Since the Lawrenceville Square is right down from my church and the Farmer’s Market is starts at 8:00, I had time to stop there first and get some fresh veggies and some wonderful homemade granola.  I can’t wait to try the potatoes!


After getting home it didn’t take long to figure out that there was nothing left to eat.  Well, there really wasn’t any lunch food at least and we had decided to go to our weekly wine tasting with our “margarita friends” at 1:30 – so the only thing to do was go out to eat somewhere close to the Beverage Superstore so that we could be there at 1:30.  Since Subway is right across the street it was a Tuscan Chicken sub with some Sunchips and a glass of water.  Those subs are good!  Of course I didn’t have my camera once again, so no picture of it.  I’ll get better at remembering it at all times!

Tonight was another “party” – our subdivision’s annual summer bash.  Here are some pictures from it.


 Just all American fun at an all American picnic with typical picnic food.  Second time in a week for me but I LOVE it – if it weren’t for the fat and calories I would eat hamburgers a whole lot more – they are just so good to me!  Here’s my picnic plate.


YUM – the watermelon was so sweet and juicy, the burger was cooked just right, the potato salad was good even though it was store bought – what a meal.  The best part was that I didn’t have to cook it – just walked up to the pool and it was ready to eat – how nice.  Thanks to all the cooks and to Jen who coordinated it all.  The waterslides were a hit with the kids and the sack race looked like a lot of fun.  The kids had to go home at 7:00 so the adults could have some time at the pool to themselves.  I’m heading back now with a beer!


3 responses to “Summer Saturday

  1. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

    It did look like a lot of fun for the kids. And I had fun with you!

  2. Thanks for the ocmment! Can’t wait to read more…

  3. Somebody had an excellent day! Your farmer’s market bounty looks great – I just love fresh stuff!

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