Friday and Friends

Friday started out like this – fresh blueberries picked by my mom and sister and brought to me with love.  There is nothing better than some just picked blueberries – thanks Mom and Melissa from the bottom of my heart.  They were on top on some Banana Nut Cheerios with a 1/2 a banana for extra banana flavor. 


 The blueberries, as you can see, are huge and just perfectly ripe.  You can just taste the sunshine it took to grow them as you eat them.  They have that perfect ‘pop’ that blueberries have when they are at the peak of ripeness as you crunch down on them!  I guess that’s my homage to a blueberry :).

Lunch was veggies  Lots of them, including zucchini bread from homecookedem and some leftover baked sweet potato fries that were surprisingly good leftover!IMG_1401

I loved the zucchini bread – Emily added lemon zest which made it extra good!



 Jennifer and I were in desperate need of pedicures – so we decided to try a new place.  She loved it, but I still haven’t found a place I truly could say I love.  They did do a good job though.  The girl who was doing my toes asked if I wanted a flower.  I’m into some tacky, so I said sure, thinking I’d get a nice little flower.  Well, I think she fancied herself quite the artist so I got MORE than I bargained for.  It ranks a 10 on the tacky scale – glitter polish and all, but hey, what are summer pedicures for???

Right before we were about to eat supper, our friend Barbara called to see what we were doing this evening and if we wanted to come over for margaritas.  They have one of those fancy Margaritaville Margarita makers and I have Margarita maker envy!  So since this was the first day this week that I had nothing planned – an evening with friends and margaritas was a perfect Friday wind-down!  We did eat supper before we went which was broiled salmon, garlic and pine nut couscous, some freshly grown yellow squash, and a fruit salad with mangoes, canteloupe, and some blueberries of course!


I have no pictures of the margaritas – I have got to start remembering to take pictures for my blog, so you’ll just have to picture Margaritaville in your mind, because that is where the evening went…a perfect ending to a perfect week!


7 responses to “Friday and Friends

  1. So glad you like the zucchini bread! I finished mine off yesterday. I may have to make some more before the summer is over. Glad you had a nice time in Margaritaville!! 🙂

  2. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

    Our dinner was really good!

  3. I was hoping to see a picture of the flower on your toe…

    • I thought about it – but couldn’t get a close up with my camera – it was too blurry :(. Trust me though – it’s definitely colorful, the lady who did it was so proud! LOL!

  4. Lynette~
    I’m so glad we could share the blueberry goodness with you. We had a wonderful time out picking them. Paul didn’t ever want to stop!

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