Monday/Tuesday “Cat”ch-Up

I have to catch up on my blog and I did some posting late last night after our yearly trip to the Stone Mountain Laser show.  This is something we’ve been doing since my daughter Emily was a month old and 26 years later we’re still going.  My entire family still meets at the mountain for a picnic and watches the Laser Show together. 


    We all brought what our families wanted and just put it all together.  I really enjoyed this delicious couscous salad that I made. 


 It was a recipe from this week’s USA Today Sunday section and was easy but full of flavor and very filling.  We also had some rotissiere chicken – the new Meditteranean flavor from Publix, some watermelon, baked beans, potato salad, etc.  Pretty much typical all American picnic food.  The laser show was enjoyable as always and we were so grateful for the beautiful weather.  In typical Georgia fashion it was raining and storming when we left the house but cleared up on the way to the mountain and we had a beautiful and pleasant evening for “laser show watching”.  We’re ready to do it again next year – number 27 – WOW!

Today’s breakfast was cereal and fruit.  I have been loving the canteloupes I have gotten this year – every one of them has been so sweet and flavorful!



 Jennifer’s friend Morgan and her mom (thank you both for the wonderful treat) invited us to go to Sweet Tomatoes.  I had heard that it was really good and had lots of healthy options so I was glad be asked!  WOW – it was awesome and had an overwhelming amount of options.  I quickly became an expert in the art of piling salad on your plate and am embarrased to show you my plate – but I will anyway:


 What a plethora (I do love that word) of taste sensations!  I have to admit that I also had a sugar free banana crisp muffin top, a mini blueberry muffin, a small cup of chili, and some frozen yogurt for dessert.  Yea – I ate a LOT!  It was so good and most everything was sugar free or low-fat so I don’t feel too badly about it.  I do need to try to compensate tomorrow with a lower calorie day though!

And even though I thought I could never eat again after that meal I still had room for a quick dinner.  We had ricotta cheese stuffed portebella mushrooms covered with pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese – so good!  I also had an Italian sausage and some good ol’ crusty Italian bread.  “YUMMO” as Rachael Ray would say.


 And now for some cuteness, meet Miss Priss – one of our kitties.


I think she is into yoga –


You gotta love her.  She sure is cute and she KNOWS it!   She was rescued by my daughter Jennifer and brought all the way from California to Georgia with the help of Jennifer’s grandmother.  Getting her through the airport is a story my poor mother will never forget.  They had to take Miss Priss out of the carrier at security and Priss got scared, scratched my mom who of course dropped her.  Priss took off through the airport and toward the escalator with several people running after her trying to help my mom and Jennifer catch her.  My poor mother was scratched and bleeding and so worried that the cat would get away, but somehow Mom got her, and Priss has lived with us happily ever after.   I would have loved to have had that video to put on YouTube! 

Tomorrow evening is a girl’s night out at Urban Flats for a wine tasting with  Nancy – Emily’s mother-in-law, and Nancy’s daughters and friends.  It’s a new place for me and I am hoping it is as good as Sweet Tomatoes.  I’ll let you know!


7 responses to “Monday/Tuesday “Cat”ch-Up

  1. 1. First of all, that couscous salad was delicious!!

    2. I bet my Sweet Tomatoes salad would’ve been bigger.

    3. That portabello looks amazing!! Where did you get the recipe?

    4. Priss does yoga better than me.

    5. Looking forward to a girl’s night out with you! See ya tomorrow!!

  2. 1. Thanks!
    2. I don’t know how.
    3. I made it up.
    4. I bet not – but she is pretty limber.
    5. See ya!

  3. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

    Your dinner actually looks good since you can’t tell there’s a mushroom under there. Prissy IS really cute. You left out the fact that Grandma was trying to carry TWO cats. And I wasn’t with her. Poor Grandma!

  4. I thought you were with her and yes – she did have two cats! Now I remember, you had to fly back by yourself because the planes were full and Grandma came with the cats on a later flight.

  5. Awww cute kitty! I love kitty yoga, the flexibility that my cat Jada has AMAZES me….she seems more flexible than any cat I’ve ever had.

  6. My grandparents live in Atlanta – I used to go to the laser show at Stone Mountain Park every year! We also used to go during Christmas for the lights! Small world. 🙂

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