Leftover Day

Most of the food I had today was leftover from something – so since there isn’t any tantalizing NEW food to show, only leftovers, I thought I’d share pictures of my deck plants.

I am so proud of the plants on my deck this  year.  I think the reason they are doing so well is that we have gotten a fair amount of rain.  The area I live in has been in a drought condition for so long, but this year we’ve finally come out from that.  So I wanted to share some of the pictures I have taken.



Italian parsley and thyme

Italian parsley and thyme

I also have some Rosemary and a fresh crop of basil seedlings that I’ll share later – but now for what I started with today – a yogurt parfait wit1/2 a banana on the bottom, strawberry yogurt, some wild blueberries and lowfat granola on the top.

I stayed after the Music Camp I am directing this week to do some work at church, so lunch was not photographed due to eating it there and being a new blogger I didn’t remember my camera – but it was an Arby’s regular sandwich (I had a free coupon) a bag of Rold Gold pretzels and a glass of ice water.  I know – pretty boring but absolutely free and that is important for me right now!  Arby’s has this thing where if you have a receipt and do an online or phone survey you get a free sandwich if you write down a code on the receipt.  I had bought a drink there a few weeks ago when they were giving away free Roastburgers and did the receipt thing – so two sandwiches free for the purchase of one small drink.  There – a tip on living frugally – the sandwiches aren’t that high in calories so it wasn’t too bad a deal money wise or calorie wise.  (The pretzels were leftover from music camp snack today.)

Next came supper and it was another very frugal meal – leftovers.  We had pork roast and eggplant rollatini so I had a little of both with one of my traditional salad, some steamed broccoli, and a slice of really delicious canteloupe that we had cut up last night.  It seemed even sweeter today! 


Don’t you just love all the colors?  And here is my traditional salad – I have to have it be colorful as well.


 For dessert I had these two delicious vegan cookies that Jennifer made a few days ago.  They have chocolate chips in them and I was having a chocolate craving so these hit the spot!


These are as delicious as they look.


5 responses to “Leftover Day

  1. Your flowers are so pretty! That parfait is gorgeous!!

    • Thanks – your flowers were beautiful also. The parfait was so good. I really am addicted to yogurt parfaits!

  2. Your food is seriously beautiful. My mouth is watering over the eggplant rollatini. You and Jennifer make it look so easy!

    • Thanks Melissa – Jennifer has been a big help this summer with the cooking – I am going to miss her so much when she goes back to school!

  3. The cantaloupe was really sweet today!

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