Superb Summer Saturday!

Summer Saturday’s are so superb!  I can wake up late and still make it to the Farmer’s Market on Lawrenceville’s quaint little square.  Then in the afternoon there is a weekly wine tasting in Suwannee at the Beverage SuperStore. 

I love Lawrenceville and am so happy to see it’s revitalization.  The weekly summer Farmer’s Market has helped with the downtown coming back to life! 

Here’s a picture of the square so you can see how beautiful it is.  I took this from the top of McCray’s restaurant.


The market sets up in the open area between the brick building and the tan colored one.  I love going there to buy my summer produce because to sell there it has to be locally grown.  I got some great looking stuff today that I can’t wait to eat! 


 I’m off to the weekly wine tasting at the Beverage SuperStore.  I’ll post later today to let you know what I tasted and I’ll also have pictures up of what I bought at the Farmer’s Market.  Pictures of breakfast and lunch will be up later as well.  See ya after the wine tasting!

Here’s what I got at the market:


Some fresh yellow squash grown in Lawrenceville, onions grown in Dacula, some peach preserves made from Georgia peaches, and some really delicious granola.  I LOVE granola – I just wish it wasn’t so high in calories!  But this is all natural, homemade and will be just right with some yogurt or on my oatmeal – can’t wait!

This was lunch – a tuna salad flatbread sandwich, fruit and pickle:IMG_1267

Well darn – I thought the wine tasting lasted until 4:00, but it’s only until 3:00 so I missed it.  So we  just had our own wine tasting!  You know – if life give you grapes – make wine – or something like that.


A bottle of red – a bottle of white as the song goes…with some carrots and hummus for a little mid-afternoon snack.  We didn’t have our daily afternoon shower today so we sat out on the deck and enjoyed our own private tasting!

And because there was no afternoon rain we were able to have our planned menu of grilled steak, corn, squash (from the market this morning), roasted potatoes and Vidalia onions,  and some leftover cooked cabbage.  I forgot to get some lettuce so I couldn’t have my daily salad so cabbage filled in for that.  I made another fruit salad this time adding some chopped apples to the watermelon and pineapple – ymmmm.  Oh yeah – some more wine too!  This meal was over the top good!!!!!!


Jennifer made some really good banana, chocolate chip, oatmeal cookies.  They were a vegan recipe and hit the spot for something sweet to eat.  You need to check out her blog to see them –  So now my superb summer Saturday has slipped slowy into a serene evening of satisafaction!


4 responses to “Superb Summer Saturday!

  1. What were you doing? Flying around L’ville in a helicopter today??? Love the pictures. It is a great town!

  2. The rooftop of McCray’s is a great spot to get shots of the square – no helicopter needed :). Lawrenceville is VERY
    picturesque isn’t it????

  3. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

    You ate there without me??? The pictures look so pretty!

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