Hungry Girls!

Yes – if you don’t know about Hungry Girl then you’re probably one of the lucky readers who isn’t on a diet.  The daily email I get from the Hungry Girl website has opened my eyes to many diet traps such as 1500 calorie meals disquised as “normal eating” at lots of our favorite places to eat.  There are also two Hungry Girl cookbooks with lots of fun recipes – such as guiltless margaritas that I enjoy too often!  So my lovely daughter Emily hosted a Hungry Girl luncheon and invited lots of her teacher friends.  I was so flattered that she invited me to hang out with her friends.  Everyone made a Hungry Girl recipe to share.  It was a great way to taste recipes you thought might be good but just never got around to making.  My favorite today was a frozen strawberry dessert – LOVED it!  Thanks Em for making my day by inviting me to your luncheon!!!!

But before the luncheon, my other lovely daughter Jennifer made me a tasty treat for breakfast.  I’m a sucker for anything with goat cheese and these were slap yo’ momma good!

june 13 001

Jenn has the recipe up on her blog – if you’re interested. 

Here’s what I tasted at the luncheon:


The picture is a little dark – sorry – but you can see the depudged cocktail weiners, the frozen strawberry dessert,  a delish salad, and some light Ruffles that were dipped in a carmelized onion dip.  We also had some Better than Sex cake that Emily made for Pam’s birthday – SOOOOOOO good and partially lowfat.  But hey- you always have to splurge when there’s birthday cake around – it just wouldn’t be right if you didn’t :). 

We got back from Emily’s just in time for our regularly scheduled Georgia afternoon thunderstorm.  It “bucketed” for about 15 minutes then cleared up and of course, left a steamy, tropical evening.  No outside time again today.  We were able to grill a pork roast I marinated overnight.


You can see I also made a colorful fruit salad.  I love summer’s fruit!  I also steamed some broccoli and made a rice pilaf.  Along with this I had my typical salad.  Here’s what it looked like plated up:


The pork marinade had a can of beer, lots of spices, some honey and some mustard.  I think anything that has a can of beer in it has got to be good!  It would make a good chicken marinade as well!  The reserved marinade was good on the broccoli too! 

What a nice Friday and third day of summer vacation I had!  Nothing better than being with my girls.  It’s so good to have Jennifer home from college for the summer and getting to visit Emily in her beautiful home – life is good!


3 responses to “Hungry Girls!

  1. I’m so glad you and Jenn could make it to my HG luncheon!! There were a lot of good dishes there, weren’t there?! I loved the depudged pigs and blankets and cinnamon rolls. You guys forgot the cake by the way!! I just had a piece for dessert after lunch today. Oops. But put the rest down the garbage disposal. Better that it goes down that drain as waste than my drain as FAT! hahaha!! Love ya!!

  2. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

    Glad you liked the egg muffins. I’ll have to make them again.

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