First Day of Summer Vacation!

This is an attempt to keep up with what I do on my summer vacation.  You see, I teach school and so I have some time off in the summer.  I used to say I got the summer off – but that isn’t true anymore (really never was since I always had some kind of class to take during the summer).  This summer is especially short because we got out really late – today and we go back on July 28th.  I really hated typing that date because it made the reality of the short summer sink in – but it is what it is.  So anyway, I’ll fill you in with what I do each day and since it is a food blog also, with what I eat.  I’ll also fill you in on me as we go through the summer. 

Anyway, I started off by sleeping late which was SOOO nice!  I had a late girl’s night out with some teacher friends.  There were 8 of us out at Wild Wings for karoake night.  Well as soon as we sit down and order our drinks our waiter (who was a really cute and nice guy) said, “Y’all are a bunch of teachers aren’t you?”  How did he know????  So I did have a late night and it was wonderful to have the luxury of sleeping it!  When I did wake up I came downstairs and had two of these wonderful low calorie Hungry Girl apple fritters (93 calories each).  Jennifer (my sweet daughter) had made them and they are scrumptious!  (Thanks Jenn!!!!!!!!) 

This is them as the kids at school would say:

apple fritters 005

So two of them heated a little in the oven with a nice cup of  coffee out on the deck was a wonderful start to my summer vacation!

Lunch was:


A La Tortilla Factory wrap with black bean puree, sauteed chicken, onions and red and yellow peppers with some Chobani plain yogurt,  and a little low-fat cheese.


Then for a little sweetness I had a side of yogurt with some cut-up fresh strawberries.  I added a sprig of mint for some color as well as a little extra zing to the taste! (It makes the picture sooo much prettier also!!!!IMG_1243

This was the finished product.  Pretty isn’t it??

The afternoon was spent outside watering plants and just enjoying being out!  I am giving myself today to get absolutely nothing done! 

For dinner we had my traditional salad – I love to make it colorful.  I feel like the more colors I have in it the healthier it is!   


Also some pasta with a tomato ragu and some Italian sausage.  I just had half of one because they are NOT lowfat!


We had a little rain in the afternoon so everything got just wet enough not to be able to go out and enjoy the evening outside.  I had a lowfat ice cream bar for a snack and then went to bed.  Thus ended my first day of Summer Vacation!


One response to “First Day of Summer Vacation!

  1. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

    Yay! I’m so glad you’re blogging now!!

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